So easy, it’s electrifying!

Whether your fleet moves people, products, or parcels, Cleo’s charging solutions are designed to fit your business. Don’t see your industry on the list below? That’s not a limitation for us – it’s an opportunity! Get in touch to chat with one of our electrification specialists.

Get energized with two unique solutions

Turnkey charging service


Let us take care of your charging infrastructure and management, including installation, operation, and maintenance.

Smart charging management platform


Compatible with most vehicles, charging stations, and software, our platform automatically manages your fleet charging processes for superior reliability and energy savings.

We work hard to make your life easy


We work hard to make your life easy

Cleo understands the challenges associated with electrifying your fleet. Our experts are here to help, from charging infrastructure installation and operations to charging management.

A subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, Cleo supports fleet operators who want independent guidance and customized assistance as they transition to electric vehicles. We will be your partner every step of the way, providing you with solutions that both meet your current needs and take future developments into account.


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