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Smart charging management platform

Connected to your needs

One platform to charge them all

What sets us apart

Reliable and resilient charging plans

Our smart charging management platform makes sure you never run out of juice! Powered by advanced AI technology, it generates resilient optimized charging plans based on the routes you cover, no matter how complex. Our adaptive system even considers external factors and unforeseen events – all you have to do is punch in your route and let the platform do the rest.

Lower, more predictable energy bills

Keep your energy costs low and benefit from increased transparency: our platform will automatically consider your utility's constraints and incentives.

If an unanticipated event occurs, the platform will make adjustments in real time, ensuring your vehicles are charged at the lowest possible cost with no action required on your part.

Seamless integration

Already using IT systems for things like telemetry, dispatching, and maintenance? Our smart charging platform can be seamlessly integrated into your current ecosystem to avoid disrupting your task management flow. As it operates, it will also collect, save, and analyze dynamic aggregated data to identify anomalies and optimize vehicle charging.

If you don’t currently use these digital tools, you can also enter route and schedule data manually.

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