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Turnkey charging service

The easy way to go electric

Your one-stop shop for vehicle charging solutions

Expert guidance and support

Smart charging management

All about the installation process

In this example, our smart platform connects to your electric vehicles, charging stations, and electrical infrastructure. Then, it calculates your charging requirements and ensures your vehicles receive the power they need, when they need it.

What makes for a successful transition?

Superior reliability

Your business can’t run smoothly without reliable charging. Our experts will oversee all equipment maintenance and plan for material and software redundancy (additional charging stations, operations margin for flexibility) so your vehicles will always be ready to hit the road when they need to.

Transparent pricing

Everyone loves a fun surprise. But unexpected fees? Not so much. Cleo’s pricing structure allows you to anticipate your operating costs with ease. Contact us to learn more about your options.

Long-term suitability

Got big plans for your business? Bring your vision to life for the lowest possible cost with a solution that will evolve alongside you. As you expand your fleet, incorporate new vehicle models, and fine-tune your vehicle management and allocation, Cleo will be by your side.

Minimal financial impact

Our turnkey solution saves you from having to pay a significant amount upfront. Since Cleo owns the charging infrastructure, leasing it enables you to minimize financial risk for your business. That being said, if you prefer to own the equipment, you have the option to purchase as well.

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