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How does Cleo help transportation companies with their energy transition?

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The message is clear: the electrification of transportation needs to gain momentum to stem the effects of climate change. For companies looking to electrify their commercial fleets, the challenges can be daunting.

Fortunately, the Quebec government and its partners (including Hydro-Québec) have taken financial measures to promote the use of electric vehicles in the workplace as part of its strategy for EV charging and 2030 Plan for a Green Economy.

Cleo, a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, was created specifically to provide turnkey services covering the implementation and operation of electric vehicle charging infrastructures for any company, municipality, or organization wishing to acquire or operate a fleet of electric vehicles.

Find out how Cleo can help you achieve a successful and sustainable energy transition for your commercial transportation operations.

Cleo: 360° support for commercial fleet operators

Cleo’s offering encompasses services that cover all aspects of the implementation and operation of a charging infrastructure for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty commercial fleets.

How do you start your electrification process?

Thanks to our expertise, we can help you:

  • Assess current and future electrification needs
  • Design, install, commission, and maintain a customized charging infrastructure (connection, power unit, charging stations, etc.)
  • Benefit from automatic vehicle charging management through our smart platform
  • Obtain personalized support and technical assistance from start to finish.
More specifically, Cleo’s service offering features two main solutions: Did you know? Cleo’s unique service includes risk management as one of its key features. By offering charging infrastructure through a lease-to-own model, we help reduce technological, operational, and financial risks for fleet operators. It’s simple: Cleo takes care of every aspect of the deployment and operation of your customized charging infrastructure, contributing to the lasting success of your transition to electric vehicles. Our team will ensure that the logistics associated with vehicle charging is straightforward. They’ll also make sure that your vehicles’ autonomy levels are optimal, even going as far as anticipating unforeseen circumstances!

Our turnkey charging service: helping you kick-start your energy transition

Are you in the early stages of fleet electrification? Cleo offers comprehensive services to help you set up a high-performance charging infrastructure. Whether you operate a fleet of light-, medium-, or heavy-duty electric vehicles, our personalized support is designed to make your job easier!

We handle the on-site installation of a high-performance, durable charging infrastructure tailored to your energy needs. We also install the charging stations, connect them to Hydro-Québec’s power grid, and provide subsequent maintenance and servicing.

Our turnkey services include simple steps for the complete or phased electrification of your fleet:

  • Assessing your present and future energy needs
  • Choosing your charging stations
  • Defining costs (purchase or rental of charging infrastructure)
  • Designing your charging infrastructure and planning the layout of your site
  • Installing your charging stations and launching your charging infrastructure (connection to the electricity grid)
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Initiating automated charging management using our smart platform.

Our personalized support service offers you peace of mind as Cleo provides diligent oversight at every stage of your electrification process and addresses your operational needs, including infrastructure maintenance. You can therefore rest easy knowing you have a reliable partner to keep your charging infrastructure running smoothly.

A cost-effective and logistics-friendly approach to energy transition

Looking to kickstart your electrification journey right away? Cléo provides you with flexibility by offering the option to purchase or lease your charging infrastructure. You can include operational and maintenance costs in your monthly payments, making it easier to manage your project.

You won’t have to make a capital investment, and a portion of your electricity consumption will be tax deductible as an operating expense. What’s more, you’ll be able to easily manage your electricity consumption, resulting in a predictable monthly bill with no surprises. Cleo’s turnkey offer therefore allows you to minimize the impact of your fleet electrification project on your budget.

In addition, numerous government financial incentives are available to help you purchase your commercial electric vehicles and charging stations. These cover all types of industries: road safety, public transit, municipalities, trucking companies, specialized transportation, school transportation, etc.

Our smart charging management platform: helping you make the most of your commercial fleet

Setting up a charging infrastructure and getting electric vehicles on the road is a victory in itself! But there are other challenges ahead: the next step is getting the most out of your electric fleet.

To make this task easier, Cleo offers you a simple and efficient charging management system thanks to our smart platform. More importantly, it’s also available to companies with a charging infrastructure that wasn’t set up by Cleo.

Available on tablets, mobile phones, and computers, the Cleo platform allows you to:

  • Get an overview of all your vehicles and charging stations
  • Assign routes and view the current and required charge level of each vehicle
  • Determine the necessary charge to ensure reliable charging of your vehicles (the calculations anticipate and adjust the charge to account for unforeseen circumstances, the weight of transported goods, increased energy consumption during periods of extreme cold, expected traffic, and more).
  • Visualize the cost of your energy consumption
  • Benefit from optimized electricity bills thanks to smart and automated charging management.

Our charging management platform can remotely control the automatic and dynamic charging of all your vehicles while generating charging schedules that reduce electricity costs.

A charging plan that saves you money

The Cleo platform uses algorithms to predict your vehicles’ energy needs and generate optimized charging plans. These plans organize charging according to routes and other data (such as the weather) while also minimizing maximum power demand to reduce your electricity costs.

You can also adjust the power of the charging stations: for example, a 50 kW charging station can charge at a reduced power of 20 kW, thus avoiding excessive power consumption. Power adjustments will obviously depend on vehicle availability.

Connecting to your current ecosystem

The Cleo platform can connect to your existing software or IT tools used to manage your current fleet and easily integrate all registered data! This data will be analyzed by Cleo’s algorithms, which will detect any anomalies and optimize your automatic charging plans with the following management tools:

  • Route planning (mileage and charging opportunities)
  • Vehicle maintenance (repair schedules)
  • Vehicle telemetry (battery status and eco-driving performance)
  • Charging station software (status and diagnostics)
  • Web portal for weather forecasts
    and more.

If you don’t use a specific technology to manage your current commercial fleet, you can manually enter your route data, schedules, and other information into the platform.

What is the most cost-effective way to meet my company's needs?

Our turnkey services are designed for various types of companies:

  • Freight transportation
  • School or city transportation
  • Parcel delivery
  • Service companies
  • Etc.

By working with Cleo, you can minimize the impact of your electrical transition on your budget and operations without having to hire specialized in-house resources.

The success of your transition to electric vehicles will depend heavily on your customized strategy for deploying and operating your charging infrastructure.

In some cases, this process may be simple and quick to implement, while in others, it may be complex and require more planning. Operating a fleet of commercial electric vehicles isn’t the same as driving a personal electric vehicle. Some consume more electricity than others depending on usage or payload. However, routes and schedules are usually more predictable, which is a significant advantage.

Implementing an electrical infrastructure and fleet charging management system requires a high level of expertise that only experienced specialists can provide.

Your electrical infrastructure must have the power to meet your current needs while taking into account your company’s expansion plan. By working with Cleo, you benefit from a team that knows exactly what data to use in order to determine the energy needs of your commercial vehicle fleet.

During the planning phase, we’ll also advise you on the best type of charging stations for your needs and how many are needed to provide sufficient power.

Good to know: The required power is sometimes less than what you might initially think. There’s no point in having an extremely powerful charging station if you have ample time for recharging, or if your vehicle has limitations on the power it can accept. The more powerful a charging station is, the more expensive it is to purchase and maintain.

We’ll then provide training and support to help your team efficiently manage the charging process.

Simplify your transition to electric vehicles

Are you seriously considering a gradual transition to electric vehicles? With our turnkey solutions, unparalleled expertise, and personalized support, your electric transition is guaranteed to be a success! Cleo will be by your side as you implement your charging infrastructure, ensuring optimal reliability and simplified management from the start. We can also advise you on the many financial incentives available to help you achieve your goals. Tell us about your project! We look forward to working with you. Do you already have a charging infrastructure and want to use a smart platform to manage charging and optimize energy consumption? Contact us for more information!


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