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Electric fleets and range anxiety: Key arguments to reassure your teams!

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Transitioning to an electric fleet can raise a number of questions for drivers. One of these concerns is range, i.e., the distance a vehicle can travel on a single charge. Just as a regular car needs enough fuel to reach its destination, electric vehicles require proper charging to complete their intended journeys.

What is range anxiety?

Range anxiety has been considered the main barrier to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles for over 20 years. It refers to a driver’s fear of running out of power before reaching their destination or a charging station.

Are your drivers suffering from range anxiety? Here’s what you need to know to reassure your teams.

Each vehicle's range requirements are accurately estimated and planned

When a company decides to electrify its fleet, it must first go through a detailed planning phase, supported by various experts throughout the process. One of the most important steps is assigning vehicles to each route.

When calculating electric range, factors such as average distance travelled, seasonal conditions, load weight, and many other variables are all taken into account.

Using worst-case scenarios, each electric vehicle is then assigned a safe travel distance without risking running out of power.

Charge management is entirely reliable

Some smart charging management platforms predict vehicle energy needs and automatically manage charging sessions. These tools use advanced technologies connected to vehicle telemetry to efficiently generate resilient and optimized charging plans based on travel routes, even in complex situations. These platforms are responsive, adapting to external factors and unforeseen events to ensure a reliable energy supply for every trip.

Therefore, a fleet connected to a smart charging management platform, such as Cleo’s, won’t run out of energy.

Adapting driving habits extends battery range

Similar to fuel vehicles, eco-driving principles can reduce energy consumption, extending battery range. Electric vehicles offer the unique advantage of regenerative braking, which returns energy to the battery when the accelerator is released.

Encourage your drivers to adopt eco-driving principles to maximize electric vehicle usage. While regenerative braking may initially seem unfamiliar, it’s a valuable tool for replenishing battery power.

Certain public charging stations can be used

Though not as numerous as gas pumps, public charging stations are plentiful on provincial roads.

Well-known to the general public in Quebec, the Electric Circuit mobile app makes it easy to find charging stations throughout the province. Electric Circuit is even working to create the first network of public charging stations for heavy and medium-duty electric vehicles in the province.

Range anxiety is temporary

A recent study has shown that range anxiety diminishes over time, a sentiment echoed by electric vehicle owners.

While adopting new habits may require adaptation, the process is typically swift and seamless. With time, your teams will likely forget about ICE vehicles altogether!

Driver of an EV truck

Questions? Our electrification specialists are here to help!

Range anxiety is just one of many concerns regarding fleet electrification. Contact our team to start your project on the right foot and give your drivers peace of mind.

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